The bottom line is clear: Our vital interests in Afghanistan are limited and military victory is not the key to achieving them. On the contrary, waging a lengthy counterinsurgency war in Afghanistan may well do more to aid Taliban recruiting than to dismantle the group, help spread conflict further into Pakistan, unify radical groups that might otherwise be quarreling amongst themselves, threaten the long-term health of the U.S. economy, and prevent the U.S. government from turning its full attention to other pressing problems. -- Afghanistan Study Group

Thursday, April 24, 2008

War News for Thursday, April 24, 2008

MNF-Iraq is reporting the deaths of two Multi-National Division - North soldier in a vehicle accident in Salah ad Din Province on Wednesday, April 23rd. Another Soldier and one interpreter were injured in the incident. No other details were released.

MNF-Iraq is reporting the death of a Multi-National Division - Baghdad soldier in a small-arms fire attack in an eastern neighborhood of Baghdad on Wednesday, April 23rd. No other details were released.

The DoD is reporting a new death previously unreported by CENTCOM. Pvt. Ronald R. Harrison died of a non-combat related injury at Forward Operating Base Falcon south of Baghdad on Tuesday, April 22nd. No other details were released.

The Washington is reporting the death of a soldier in a highway vehicle accident in Kuwait. One other soldier was injured in the accident. No other details including the date were released.

Security incidents:

#1: In the latest clashes, five people died and 28 were wounded early Thursday in Baghdad's embattled Sadr City district, a stronghold of the Mahdi Army militia of anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. The figures came from a police officer who asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

#2: Another eight people were killed and two wounded during fighting in the capital's Husseiniyah area, another base of Shiite militants. The figures came from a hospital official who spoke on condition of anonymity out of safety concerns.

#3: A bomb inside a supermarket killed three people and wounded 15, including three Iraqi soldiers, in Mansour district of western Baghdad, police said.

#4: At least three people were wounded when a roadside bomb exploded near a police patrol in western Baghdad, police said.

Three Iraqi soldiers were wounded in an IED explosion that targeted their vehicle in al Liqaa intersection in Mansour neighborhood in west Baghdad around 7:00 a.m.

#5: A separate roadside bomb wounded two people, police said. (western Baghdad)

#6: In a separate incident, troops killed a suspected member of al- Qaeda in Iraq group in Baghdad. The military said the man pulled a gun when his car was stopped by troops.

#7: In east Baghdad, a joint US-Iraqi force raided a mental hospital and detained staff and patients, a spokesman for the local health department told the Voices of Iraq news agency. An Iraqi army force backed by multinational troops stormed Rashad mental hospital, smashed doors and detained everyone in the hospital, Qasim Abdel-Hadi said. The report could not be independently verified.

#8: Meanwhile, another police source said that “a roadside bomb, planted on the road near al-Shaab stadium in eastern Baghdad, was detonated, injuring two persons.”

#9: Around 7:15 a.m. the security forces detonated under control an IED in Zayuna neighborhood in east Baghdad.

#10: Another IED was detonated under control without recording any casualties. (near al-Shaab stadium)

#11: A civilian was killed and six people (3 policemen and three civilians) were wounded in a parked car bomb near Ghadeer bridge in Zayuan neighborhood around 2:00 p.m.

#12: Around 3:00 p.m. a mortar shell slammed into the garden of Sadeer hotel in Karrada neighborhood in downtown Baghdad. No casualties were reported.

#13: Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski says a rocket has hit the country's embassy in Baghdad. One embassy worker was lightly wounded in the attack. Sikorski said one mortar or rocket round hit the roof of the building housing the embassy's security staff. The living quarters are next to the embassy's main building in the Iraqi capital's Green Zone.

#1: Three dead bodies were found in Mahmudiya, south of Baghdad. One was decapitated, police said.

#1: US troops came under attack during an operation in Rashidiyah, north of Baghdad, to detain a 'special groups criminal' suspected of receiving money and weapons from Iran to launch attacks on coalition forces, the military said. The man and three other suspects were detained. Four other suspects were killed when US troops came under fire in another location, according to the military.

Salahuddin Prv:
#1: The U.S. military says two of its soldiers in Iraq died when their vehicle rolled onto its side north of Baghdad. The two soldiers died Wednesday in Iraq's Salahuddin province. The military said in a statement released Thursday that another soldier and an interpreter also were injured.

#1: Two cops and a civilian were killed on Thursday when an explosive charge went off targeting their vehicle patrol in southern Kirkuk, said a police source. “An explosive device exploded targeting a police vehicle patrol in al-Hegaz neighborhood in southern Kirkuk, killing two policemen and a passing civilian,” the source told Aswat al-Iraq – Voices of Iraq on condition of anonymity.

#1: One civilian was killed and three more were wounded on Thursday in a bomb explosion in north of Mosul, an Iraqi army source said.“A roadside bomb was detonated this morning targeting a civilian vehicle in al-Arabi neighborhood in northern Mosul, killing a civilian and wounding three,” Colonel Fadel Kouran told Aswat al-Iraq – Voices of Iraq.

#1: Turkish warplanes fired on a group of Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq on Wednesday as they tried to cross into Turkey, the army said on Thursday. The army statement came a day after a military source said at least four Turkish military jets bombed Kurdish separatist targets inside northern Iraq. "A group of armed PKK/KONGRA-GEL terror organisation members, who were trying to cross into Turkey from northern Iraq's Hakurk region, were spotted and neutralised by fire from aircraft of the Air Forces," the statement said.

On Wednesday, a spokesman for the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) guerrilla group said Turkish planes bombed a remote part of northern Iraq but no one was hurt. A PKK spokesman denied the Turkish army statement and said the Turkish bombing had caused no casualties among the rebels.

Casualty Reports:

Army Pfc. Donald Barr, 23, suffered a broken jaw, ruptured ear drum and bumps and bruises when his vehicle hit the bomb on Monday near Samarra. He was thrown from the vehicle.Barr's wife, Jennifer Barr, who works for The Globe Gazette, says he is hospitalized in Germany awaiting a flight to the United States. Jennifer Barr says no one else was seriously injured by the explosionBarr is a member of the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, Ky.