The bottom line is clear: Our vital interests in Afghanistan are limited and military victory is not the key to achieving them. On the contrary, waging a lengthy counterinsurgency war in Afghanistan may well do more to aid Taliban recruiting than to dismantle the group, help spread conflict further into Pakistan, unify radical groups that might otherwise be quarreling amongst themselves, threaten the long-term health of the U.S. economy, and prevent the U.S. government from turning its full attention to other pressing problems. -- Afghanistan Study Group

Thursday, January 12, 2012

War News for Thursday, January 12, 2011

NATO is reporting the death of an ISAF soldier from a non-combat related injury in an undisclosed location in eastern Afghanistan on Wednesday, January 11th.

Taliban: Afghan talks won't mean end to fighting

US probes urination on dead Taliban fighters

Intelligence study glum on Afghan war

FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq, January 12, Jan 11th.

National Guard (in Federal Status) and Reserve Activated as of January 10, 2012

Reported security incidents
#1: An Australian sailor serving in Afghanistan as an explosives expert has been sent home to recover from injuries sustained in a roadside bomb attack. The sailor and two other Australian soldiers were wounded in the attack, which happened during an operational mission on January 2, about 60km northwest of the army base at Tarin Kowt. The sailor was one of a small team of navy experts serving in Afghanistan with the Combined Team-Uruzgan.

#2: At least 14 soldiers were killed late Wednesday when suspected Baluch separatists ambushed their vehicle in Pakistan''s southwestern Baluchistan province. Pakistani officials said the incident took place in Turbat district near the Iranian border.

#3: Eight militants were killed when Pakistani fighter jets bombed their hideouts in the Jogi area of the northwestern Kurram tribal region, near the Afghanistan border, security officials said.

#4: Afghan police backed by national army and the NATO-led troops have killed 11 Taliban militants and detained 17 others across the country over the past 24 hours, a press release of Interior Ministry issued here said on Thursday. These operations have been conducted in Kapisa, Helmand, Faryab, Zabul, Wardak, Ghazni and Khost provinces to stabilize security in the country, the press release said. Two more militants sustained injuries during the operations, it added. However, it did not say if there were any casualties on the security forces.

#5: At least one Taliban militant was killed and another militant was injured following armed clashes with the Afghan police forces at Adraskan district of western Herat province. Provincial police commandment in western Herat province following a press release said, the clashes took place at Kotal Palangi area in eastern regions of Adraskan district while the Taliban militants were collecting Zakat in the area.

#6: At least four employees of a private road construction company was killed by armed militants in central-eastern Maidan Wardak province. A provincial governor spokesman Shahidullah Shahid, the dead bodies of the four individuals working for the road construction project was found in Syedabad district of Maidan Wardak province. Mr. Shahid further added, the deceased invidividuals were the residents of Baghlan province and were kidnapped by the Taliban militants. He also said, Afghan police forces were ambushed by the Taliban militants while they were trying to evacuate the dead bodies of the construction project employees. Provincial governor spokesman Shahidullah Shahid said that the Taliban fighters fled the area and there were no casualties as a result the clashes.

#7: At least 2 Afghan civilians were killed and three others were injured following a roadside bomb explosion in southern Kandahar province. According to a statement issued by Kandahar provincial media office, the incident took place on Wednesday afternoon at Mano Kondlano village in Shahwalikot district of southern Kandahar province, killing at least two Afghan civilians and injuring two other civilians. The source further added, the incident took place after a civilian vehicle struck with a roadside bomb. Another explosion took place at Takhtpol district after a civilian vehicle struck with a roadside bomb, officials said. According to local officials, at least one Afghan civilian was injured during the second explosion.


Cervantes said...

Those Marines peeing on the dead guys were from the 3/2. They had 14 KIA in Anbar in 2007. Now this. Oogh.

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I would rather see the Marines pee on people over killing them.